Rogue Poets Merrickville unveiled their latest collection of poems before a capacity crowd at the Stella Luna Gelato Café Saturday afternoon February 8th. The poets and the book were introduced by Lesley Strutt, poet, teacher and long time friend to the Rogues.

Strutt introduced each poet individually, commenting on their writing style and strengths, then read a small piece from each of their works to emphasize her comments.

Charles Merredew, Keith Stanton, John Mundy and Chuck MacInnis are the Rogue Poets Merrickville.

The book, entitled Then There Were Four, is the work of the four men and the second volume of poetry published by Rogue Poets Merrickville. They met weekly at Stella Luna throughout 2019 and laboured long at writing, reading and refining their poems. The book was finally ready for publication in December.

Because the poems were written and the book was designed at Stella Luna, the Rogues thought it best to have the Café host the event.

Guests were not only treated to readings by the poets, but were able to mingle and converse with the authors. They learned that the book title is acknowledging that Mundy and Stanton joined the Rogues in 2019, bringing the group up to four.

They also enjoyed a new gelato called Rogues Delight which was created at Stella Luna for the Book Launch.

Then There Were Four was printed and bound at COBA Studios in Merrickville. The cover art is by Charles Merredew and is based on a sketch of a Merrickville architectural landmark