Because of demand, the Rogue Poets of Merrickville have reprinted their illustrated poetry book Puppies and Fireflies and Scary Things Too. Out just in time for Christmas, this book is a beautifully illustrated, child-focused book of poetry intended to be read to children and read by children.

A book to be enjoyed by the young and the young at heart, it is an anthology of poems by five Merrickville poets with illustrations contributed by artists from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia to Toronto, Ontario. Printed at COBA Studios in Merrickville, this is the third reprinting of the book.

The Rogue poets – Chuck MacInnis, Charles Merredew, Keith Stanton, John Mundy, and Elena Venables – meet regularly throughout the year to read, write, and critique each other’s work. In addition to producing their own books, they have had poems published in magazines, other anthologies and have won or received honourable mention in several poetry competitions.

In writing this book, the authors engaged with children and the parents of these children to capture the style, then invited the artist community to collaborate on this project by providing illustrations. They have also added three blank pages near the back of the book with an invitation for readers to write their own poems.

The book is available locally through the Merrickville Book Emporium at a cost of $18.00, directly from the Rogue Poets by email roguepoetsofmerrickville@gmail.comat at a cost of $15.00 plus postage.