Merrickville’s Rogue Poets presented an afternoon of “Poetry on the Patio” at the Stella Luna Gelato Café Saturday, August 26th.  

A small, but appreciative audience, braved the threat of rain and enjoyed almost two hours of original poetry readings by four members of the Rogues group.  

The Rogue Poets enjoy public presentations because it allows them to immerse their listeners into the nuances of poetry as a spoken art.

Comments from audience members were overwhelmingly supportive!

“I wanted to congratulate all of you for your poetry reading today.  I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the poems. Poetry is a glimpse into your soul – often very personal and may make you feel vulnerable. Well done.  And thank you.”  Sally

“Like Sally, I too, want to congratulate you on today’s poetry reading event.  Sally is so right in noting that poetry is a ‘glimpse into one’s soul’ and I add, life experiences.  I could imagine John walking the Camino and thinking of Leanne; Charles and the ‘big noises’ of motorcycles – ROAR ROAR; Chuck and the ocean lapping the shores of PEI; Keith, riding his red bicycle.”   Marilyn

“Allow me to add my voice to say thank-you for an afternoon of beautiful words and thoughts at times poignant, lighthearted, and coming from the soul.You are a very talented group of poets and it is such a pleasure to hear what you have worked on. I was especially impressed with your 10 minute poems.”  Leanne