The Dream

I met a Naiad One summers eve Out by the Stony Stair Her skin was white As white as snow Sun glistened in her hair A vine wreath circled round her waist And curled around one breast She rose out of the water Her voice put me to rest She told of all the wonders In the...


Christmas Rain whips against the window glass And rolls down to the sill This ice rain in December Gives a cold and bone deep chill Fire crackles in the stove The room is snug and warm I gaze out my front window On this rainy Christmas morn The snow is melting quickly...


Out of my memory Comes a vision Of woodsmoke Drifting Upward Through the trees Reflecting Random patterns Across The sunbeams Filtering Earthward Through The branches and leaves

Whitman’s Bon Echo

This poem was published in the June Issue of Devour: Art and Lit Canada, a magazine dedicated to promoting Canadian culture by bringing world-wide readers some of the best literature, art and photography.


“Immersed In the mist of emotion Buoyant In the unknown…..”
Reflects the dreamlike feeling of emotions.