About Chuck

Chuck is retired and lives with his wife, Sally, in Merrickville Ontario. 

Although he graduated in Journalism and worked in that field for a number of years, he has had a varied career. 

In addition to writing for newspapers and magazines he worked in the lobster fishery on the East coast, was a Park Warden and Forest Fire Fighter with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, worked almost 30 years as a police officer with the OPP and became a licensed Private Investigator following his retirement.

Throughout his working years Chuck continued writing poems and articles.  He has co-founded Roque Poets Merrickville, has contributed to two books of poetry and produced a small children’s book and is the winner of the 2018 Battle of the Windmill Poetry Contest.

In addition to writing he is an avid amateur photographer and amateur musician playing both the Bodhran and guitar.

He says about his writing:

“Poetry, like silence, music, dance or prayer feeds the soul. 

 Reading and writing poems causes me to pause and seriously reflect on how or why a particular poem seems to feed my spirit, when others do not.  Over the years I have concluded that to me some poems are reflections of the heart and others strike me as simply words on a page.

My love of poetry and writing comes from my father and uncles.  They could recite any poem or story they had ever read, and often did at kitchen parties and around beach or campfires.

 I hope you see my contributions as more than words on a page”.