Anisa Aubin, an area resident and long distance cycling enthusiast is once again entered into an ultra-distance cycling event.  She will be setting off in the Midnight Sun June 20th to ride from Northcape in Norway to Helsinki in Finland, a distance of 1755km and 15,000 m of climbing.  It is a similar distance to cycling from Regina to Vancouver.

It is the first leg of the 7000 km Northcape-Tarifa Bike Race and riders are completely self supported.  Anisa must therefore strategically choose how much time to devote to riding, resting, and eating each day. Being self-supported means that drafting is not allowed, receiving any form of support from other racers, family or friends is not allowed and all food, accommodation or repairs must be purchased from commercial sources.

On the bright side she will be riding in the midnight sun (24 hours of daylight).

As she did in the 4400 km Transcontinental No. 5 last year, Anisa is raising funds through the Dreamrider organization to provide secondary school scholarships for disadvantaged youths in Malawi.

Her progress may be followed via her Facebook page at