Immersed In the mist of emotion Buoyant In the unknown Mesmerized By briefly crystallized images Conjured From within my mind Dreams Permit self-surrender Embracing What was or might be Rolling shapes Weaving Paths through the edges Of emotional Reality My body Like...

Fresh Berries

A poem based on my wife finding picking blackberries and raspberries while walking the dog and using a clean “poo” bag to being the berries home.

The Fifth

“What a foolish man/I am/To think that I can beat….”
For friends working through this illness!

Come to My Garden

“Come to my garden/Let the stillness and/Peace of Nature…”
Finding a peaceful nook in a busy world is about how you view where you are!

Battle of The Windmill

“In the early morning/On a cold November Day/The Hunters crossed the river…”
This poem won the Battle of the Windmill Poetry Contest in 2018